Why Positive Visualization doesn't work for me

My friend Vinay Vyasarao, on a hammock somewhere near Gurgaon
The Voice (thereafter referred to as V): Relaaaaaaaxxx!!! Imagine yourself in a hammock, in a forest, bird sounds, you're relaxed, reading a book. Let it be vivid, detailed, feel it, live it. Your favorite song is playing ...
Me (thereafter referred to as ... Me): Hey hey, wait a Min! What's it playing on? Do you have a Sound system?

V: It's playing on your ipod, you're listening through the headphones.
Me: It gets sweaty. Can't we get a portable CD player or something? Would be interesting to hear music in a Jungle ambience.
V: Ok, we have music playing on a portable CD player.
Me: Does it have batteries, or do we have a power extension cable running through the forest?
V: Battery powered, Don't worry, Relax! Let's continue, your favorite song is playing...
Me: Hold on, I hope this CD player of your has a remote, getting off this hammock is not easy, you know.
V: Yes, it does, Don't worry!
Me: Does it have a USB slot?
V: What does THAT have to do with anything?
Me: Well, if it doesn't, I'll have to get off this hammock when the CD ends. How much can you cram into that Audio CD? 70-80mins tops?
V: Don't worry, we'll have someone change the CD when you ask
Me: Hey, I thought I was alone here, is there someone else too?
V: Yes, imagine there's someone with you.
Me: Hmmm, can I imagine anyone?
V: Yeah!
Me: Anyone!!??? You're sure?
V: Yes.
Me: Can it be a different person everytime I do this?
V: This is not about fantasizing, it's about Positive visualization, Dammit!!!
Me: Well, Take it easy Dude, isn't this supposed to be my Visualization? So I can visualize anything that motivates or relaxes me, right?
V: Ok, don't worry, Go on, Imagine anyone you want?
Me: Ok, Done (hmmm...Nice!!!)!
V: Just curious, who did you imagine?
Me: It's my vivid visual dude, and it has privacy features, so don't even try to peep!
V: Ok, Let's continue, your favorite song is playing...
Me: Right!
V: ... and you're totally at ease, Relaxed, no worries, none at all, totally in the present, no desires, none at all...
Me: Hey hey, hold on!!! Talking of desires, how about a chilled beer?
V: What?
Me: I'll feel more fulfilled if there's some beer too
V: Ok, you got it!
Me: Which one?
V: Which one do you want??
Me: Can you get me a chilled Kingfisher Ultra?
V: Sure, you got that!
Me: Where do I place the bottle between sips?
V: !!???
Me: I mean the chilled beer bottle is sweating condensed water and making everything wet, the book too, this is a library book BTW, and it's overdue. Now, it'll be overdue & Wet!
V: Ok, we'll get a small bench next to the hammock, you can place the bottle on it
Me: Cool, Thanks! Is there a chance I could get some Chips & fries with that?
V: Hmmm...Sure!
Me: Wait a minute, you said it's the jungle, How'll you get me fries?
V: Ok, IMAGINE this is a jungle area next to a resort, and that Resort has a kitchen
Me: Damn, why didn't you tell me first, we could order some chicken from the kitchen!
V: Ok, sure!
Me: And in that case, it might be better to get an amplifier, this portable CDP just doesn't cut it for this Jungle feel.
V: !!???
Me: We could place the speakers such that we have a wide sound stage. We'll stick to 2 speakers though.
V: Yeah.
Me: Let's play a CD and see how it sounds
V: Let's play Dire Straits, Yeah let's Rock it!
Me: Relax, take it easy ;)
V: :)?!
Me: Looks like the soundstage is not right, we need to toe in these speakers. Hey Voice & Deeps, could you give me a hand?
V: Deeps? Who's that?
Me: Deeps, Deepika, the person I imagined, she's a Bollywood actress, let's just say her degree of temperature is much higher than room temperature, and can scald!
V: Oooooh ... your visualization is turning out to be more interesting than I expected, I'm feeling it, living it...
Me: Hey hey, hold on, I got an Interrupt, it's from the Real world!!!
V: From who? What does it say?
Me: It's from my Boss, and it says "INTERRUPT_DREAM: Friday is a weekday, Why are you staring into space, STOP day dreaming during Meetings!!!"

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