Renting a house in Bangalore

I know this is going to be a marathon post, the experience was no less, believe me. My intent of writing this is to share my experience of renting an apartment in Bangalore, might come in handy for someone going through a similar search. The facts stated are true for Bangalore only, and not necessarily for other Indian cities.

Disclaimer: I'm not against landlords and agents, but my experience is from the POV of a tenant ;)

Some key points (as of today):

Some best practices & ground realities:

Finding a house:
Inspecting the house:
If you don't care much for Vastu compliance, this should be a pretty straightforward checklist, but a very important one. I'll be skipping the Vastu thing here since that's very comprehensive, I'm a novice and so won't be able to do justice to it in this post.

Reviewing the locality/area



Taking possession:

And then .... some day ...

Leaving a house: