I have an itch ... and a confession

I'm back & for a change, I'm going to talk about the changes I've been going through while I was away. Life, in the last few months has been full of this crazy lil' thing called change. A change of job (I joined Yahoo!), moving to a new city (Bangalore is lovely, a little too rainy but still lovely), setting up home (I think I might do a dedicated post for that)... it's been hectic but enjoyable too in a different way.

Not too long ago, I was settled and comfortable, but had an itch of trying something new. To let you know this "itch" isn't new to me, I have this quite often. Most of the time, it concerns something minor: setting of a room, an Operating system, a new genre of music, a new brainwave, some new gadget/application, a new fancy (can't call it a hobby as it rarely lasts a long time). And sometimes, it's a little more than minor: move houses, try out a different role at work, kick a habit. And every couple of years, there's this "super itch", that's the kind I've just gone through. It shakes up your world, your routine and also your finances...and it almost seems stupid, at least to observers. But no matter what the size of itch is, one thing it guarantees you is first-hand experience. I know many people who won't attend to an itch so strong but Me, I'm not like that. The excitement of the unknown excites me. And so does the opportunity to start afresh. My itch provides me ample projects: big & small and I accept them with glee. Sometimes, I feel that I live from project to project.

And then there are days like these, when I look back and realize the unsettling feeling I give people while I attend to my itch. Be it my close ones: family & friends, who've always been shocked at the decisions I've taken, but still understood & supported me. All my past managers, who've been shocked at my crazy ideas and the umpteen times I've wanted to try out something else. Not all my coworkers have been so shocked though. Maybe they were itchy like me too, you scratch my back & I'll scratch yours :) (If you're my ex-coworker and you don't like what you're reading, don't feel bad, I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about "them", you know;), of course you're not itchy). And not to forget, my wife, who's always been a friend first. I feel gratitude for everyone who's tolerated me, and still been supportive. Thank you very much.

And now for the confession:
a) I have an itch (covered above).
b) I don't have a roadmap, but I'm loving the journey
c) That's it, what else were you expecting, the above is enough confession if you think about it :)

P.S: When you haven't updated your blog for long 'cos life has kept you busy, and you want to break that gap and post again, lame posts like these just "happen".